Explore With Your New Backpack.

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Explore With Your New Backpack.

Despite this scarily surreal moment we found ourselves in amidst the Covid-19 pandemic we’re still exploring new ideas here at Parallel. Though there are delays in production at the moment, we are proud to announce the upcoming arrival of our 100% recycled Parallel rucksacks (Available in Mustard, Black, Grey and Petrol Blue). Although there are obvious social restrictions at the moment for you eager explorers out there, this is a reminder that Parallel Outdoor Clothing will continue to have your back. There is no escaping the fact we are faced with a momentous task. It’s also a challenge to curb our travelling instincts and remain mentally strong. For anyone potentially struggling it’s crucial to talk, and utilise the technology at our fingertips to stay connected. United from a distance. Take a stroll. Clear the head. Remember, as long as you do so with full commitment to the guidelines in place and considering the medical advice of professionals. Keep getting a small taste of outdoors. Even if it’s to the garden shed to grab another can of lager. There’s nothing to stop you day dreamers. Keep being creative. Keep planning. Keep re-cycling. Believe. There will be better days around the corner. When the time does come to go back outside we’ll grab our things, strap on our rucksacks, and get out there. Only now, we will see new things. The air will be sweeter. The grass will be greener. The rocks will run smooth between the fingers. Our minds refreshed; our vision clearer. Sunny days loom nearer.


Jacob Brown


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