Stay Home, Save Lifes, Save The NHS.

Now more than ever is a time for solidarity. As those on the front line bravely combat this deadly virus we can still contribute to the team. This is a global squad and if that means staying indoors to sit on the bench then that’s precisely what we’ll do. Due to the current climate it is an opportunity for people to become more appreciative of their surroundings. It’s the little things. Despite your best plans for the summer being put on hold this doesn’t limit your creativity. It enhances it. Look out for each other. Use the connectivity that this generation is fortunate enough to be blessed with. The mobile phone is a powerful tool in the right hands. There’s no right or wrong way to self-isolate. Do what makes you comfortable. Us at Parallel Outdoor Clothing will stick together and when the time comes to go back outdoors we’ll sprint to the waters. We’ll race to the sand. We’ll hug our friends. We’ll appreciate the little things again. To support the efforts of our heroes you too can donate at.

If you’ve already done so then, well, just stay chillin.

Stay active. Stay positive. Stay inside. Stay healthy. Much love, The Parallel team.


Blog Writer: Jacob Brown -

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