About Us

We want to offer a new, diverse, adventurous, recycled fashion brand - so you can look exclusive on the mountains, but know that you made the conscious decision to purchase clothing that has been 100% recycled.

This is how our T-shirts and hoodies look when broken down into their components material.

- 60% of our clothing is recycled organic cotton which are offcuts from textile production factories. This is shredded and turned back into our soft cotton fibres.

- 40% of our clothing is made out of fibres from old used plastic bottles. This is the important part of the process as our company and customers want to help reduce single use plastic waste all over the world. Leaving the ocean and environment a safe and happy place for future generations to carry on loving the outdoor activities WE love.  

 Even our delivery packaging is; “Environmentally friendly composition, 100% recyclable”                           



Instagram: @paralleloutdoorclothing

Email: parallelclothing2019@hotmail.co.uk